* we are here in the circle. The exact map with all the information is sent after booking.
Le Querce remains on the hill of Baia Sardinia, facing the Archipelago of La Maddalena. Baia Sardinia is 3 km away, Porto Cervo 6 km away. Various agencies organize excursions inland or by sea to the islands included Lavezzi and Bonifacio.
All the most beautiful beaches on the coast are within easy reach. (the closest is 1 km) Further away Porto Rotondo at 20km and Olbia, the shopping centers, the airport, the port at 26 km.
At home you will find all the detailed information with maps.
The cost depends on which house, which week and how many people. Contact us to find out more.
Useful notes:
– Advances. Advances are reduced to a minimum, just enough to be protected both. In case of cancellation they are not returned because we are on an island, we depend on flights / ships and we could never reassign the house.
– Those who book with booking will inevitably find a higher price than what we can do directly.
– We do not accept checks or credit cards but we do provide an internet connection to make a transfer.
Children are welcome but we are not equipped with chairs, cots, sheets .. If they are naughty it is good to know that our beautiful rocks lead them to dangerous climbing.
Pets: they are very popular but for your, our and their happiness: – The droppings must be collected with care, all guests have the right to walk even barefoot. – They must not dig holes in the garden or bark at night. -We are in the middle of the Mediterranean scrub full of smells and wild animals. If they get excited and start chasing getting lost, it will be the owners’ responsibility to go and recover them 🙂